Monday, February 17, 2014

Art makes you crazy

I'll have to keep this brief. I'm very short on time today, but I don't want to leave my readers without any content. I've found that art has taken me to many wonderful places, as well as into the lives of incredible people.

That being said, there are also times where art has nearly driven me insane. Most artists can relate to being wrapped up in their own head. Whether they are trying to get the creative out, or they are stuck muddling over a solution to the problem they face with their creations. One of the reasons I love working with metal so much is, that when I become frustrated enough, I can give it a toss across the room, and it's not completely destroyed.
bird feet art casting cast sprue wax reuse

Just to help this hit home, I went so far as to cut off the feet of a dead bird for my art.( I promise it was already dead!) Art will take you incredible places, and test you in ways that you never thought you could rise to meet.

Stress not, these little hiccups are just one factor to seeing the world in a beautiful way. At least you are in touch enough to have things to contemplate over, instead of the sitting and staring. I find many just sit and stare now-a-days.~

Where has your art taken you? Where have your adventures taken you? Share in what ways you have risen to the challenge in ways that made you surprise yourself.

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