Friday, February 7, 2014

The sweet-tooth of a queen

It isn't too often you find yourself with a wizard living next door. Let alone a kitchen wizard. I have tasted many delicacies in my life, but it wasn't until we moved into Carlyle that my sweet tooth got a little bit classier thanks to my delightful neighbor Dave. Since first meeting him, he has done nothing but impress with his culinary skills. Dave has been in the food business for a good while, though his skill spans to all sorts of talents in the kitchen.

macaroon macaron lavender vanilla rosewater
Case one, Dave refers to this beauty as 'the pretentious cookie'. Lavender and vanilla Macaron, that's macaron not macaroon, with rosewater icing piped in between.  Only the finest of sorts eat these little beauties with their pinkies held high. Can you see why it's hard to go back to regular Oreo's now?

Following with the lavender trend, Dave created what everyone can see is a true masterpiece in every sense. Lemon bars with blueberry lavender syrup, both made from scratch. Finishing off the scrumptious work of art in true fashion, they syrup is used to paint a scene reminiscent of Starry Night.

lemon bars lavender dessert swirls
The Starry Night lemon bars can be easily understood as art of everyday. I don't mean this in an overly literal meaning, as some may think. It's always possible to put forth the extra care and imagination to create something that you are truly proud of everyday. That is your art, no matter the medium. Whether you are working on a canvas or a baking sheet, make something you can reflect on and be proud of. That is where you find the art in the everyday. Just be careful enough to look for it, and motivated enough to seize it when it comes by. If you approach life with this creative flow, everything in your life will fall into a happier and more expressive place. Take care, and stay warm.

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