Saturday, February 15, 2014

La Premiere Etape

Hello friends. It's only my second week into blogging, and I already find myself falling off the band wagon. Don't fear; it's not for lack of motivation. My weeks have only seemed to be getting bussier. Now that I find myself with free time, and art inspiration under my belt, I must share with you all the wonderful art I beheld at the 'La Premiere Etape' art show this past weekend.

the vault old building art co-op

stairs patterns fun Immediatly upon arrival, I was taken in with the charm of the venue. The Vault is a privately owned collective of independent artists residing in what was once an old small town bank. They not only house handmade goods and fine art peices for sale, but it can also be rented out for shows and events. Those who work there welcome artists and art lovers with open arms.~I even walked away with a print~ It didn't take long at all for me to feel like it was a home away from home.
sketchbook wine art show Jenna Linder deserves so much credit for organizing and putting on such a wonderful show. The vibe was lively and the food was fanstastic. I think I may have eaten two meals worth of brie, bread and wine. Six artists from Eastern Illinois University featured their works of art; inspired by their stay in Paris, France over the summer. I found the most charming part of the whole exhibit to be the sketchbooks they kept during their stay.
art art student art show artist

Each sketchbook has was packed with so much personality, and it really made me feel like I experienced the pulse of Paris with them.
I'm so fortunate to have such wonderful and talented friends, who inspire me everyday. After entering the world of art, I don't think I could ever go back to seeing life the same way again. How do your friends inspire you? Thanks for reading darlings.~
friends art artists art show fun

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