Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Our family just got bigger!

Today Andy and I welcome a new soul into our household. Dovahkiin the leopard gecko made her way to our home, and quickly into our hearts. I had been hurting to have a pet for a long time now. I grew up having pets all my life, until I moved away to college that is, and it's in my nature to mother. As fate would have it, Dova needed a new home.

family portrait gecko leopard gecko pet
Family Portrait

A friend of ours just graduated, and got a job in Chicago. Considering the long move, small apartment, and colder climate, he thought it best for Dova(then named Hugo) to find a new home. Andy and I were hasty to jump on the opportunity when he offered. It could not have worked out better!
gecko leopard gecko pet

I think Dova is one of the most beautiful geckos I've ever seen, but I may be biased haha. We are overjoyed to share our home and hearts with this little gal. She will be well loved. ~
gecko leopard gecko pet black and white

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