Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring is on it's way

There is always that swell in your chest when you breath in fresh air, and can almost taste the season changing. It wasn't until just yesterday that I felt it. Spring is coming. I had begun to fear that it's arrival would never come. This winter has been a hard and wearing one. The Arctic Vortex lashed out, and his reach made it all the way to Florida! So just imagine how it was being in the Midwest; a place already known for it's harsh and varied seasons. My college even canceled classes two days in a row this winter. Now for those of you who know EIU, this is no small thing. They NEVER cancel classes.
kale plant spring sprout new

Now, I am a huge lover of colder weather. Sweaters, scarves,  hot teas, apple cider, blankets, and stay in to snuggle are all some of my most cherished things. That being said, this winter has pushed me to my cold loving limits. The winter blues have set in, and not that I smell spring in the air, I cannot wait to see the little heads of new flowers poke their heads up to meet the world.~

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