Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Start of Something Grand

First post, and I couldn't be more excited and overwhelmed. This blog has been years in the making; in my mind at least. I have spent many hours searching the internet, hopping from blog to blog, finding every diy tutorial and healthy recipie using feta I could click my way to. Many times the thought of creating my own place for crafts, styling, and late night posts fuled by frustrations; has crossed my mind.
sweater fashion

Bare with me. My current status is blogging novice. I haven't even kept a journal in over three years. This blog is an adventure into continuing to exceresise my creativity muscle. I find myself and a turning point in my life. I've been in the educational system ever since I could remember. Now, I'm entering my last semester of college. My main goal is to document my life, and the art that I try to find in the everyday. I hope that these little snippets of my life provide you with some inspiration and please feel free comment and help create this site into an outlet to share your inspirations too. So open your eyes and look for the art in your everyday.


  1. Where did the name "Join the Dust" come from?

    1. Join the Dust is from a loose translation taken from the Tao Te Ching, a philosophical Taoist text as I have an affinity for philosophical Taoism. In chapter fifty-six there is a verse that can be translated to "become one with the dust of the earth". The characters on their own translate to 'Join the Dust'. I find this to be a hauntingly romantic idea. So much so, that I even have these characters tattooed on my left ankle. See you in Ballroom!

    2. That's really interesting. Last semester I was reading a Chinese Philosophy book that had a lot to do with Confucianism and Taoism. The idea's that the ancient Chinese had are incredibly deep and filled with integrity. Where I do not remember everything form the book, what do you feel about "wu wei", action through non-action.

  2. I believe that the lack of action can speak just as much as any action can. I would have to research more in order to form a stronger opinion. Thanks for providing me with more reading material!