Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Again I find myself piled bellow a mountain of work. I find myself with an increasing amount of inspiration. My sketchbook is already filling up quickly, I'm so glad I've decided to go back to the regimen of keeping one. I believe I am finally feeling the pinch, realizing that my last semester in college is nearly half over. There is still so much I want to create, new mediums I want to explore, and even more ways I want to push and challenge myself.

I find myself being pulled in many directions right now. My psychology classes are demanding advanced papers, and my three jobs are making it very draining to drag myself into the studio when all is said and done. I've also been both anxious and hesitant to finally launch my etsy shop. This has been in the works for some time as well.

Here is a few pictures of my midterm week so far~
flower spray paint art

gems gemstones jewels rocks

midterms papers jewelry metalsmithing rings

soldering sterling silver rings

Calm metalsmithing studio

With all the has happened in just half a semester, I find myself both overwhelmed and excited, anxious and hesitant, scared and thrilled. If this year maintains the theme of polarity like it has, then I certainly hope that the second half comes with more production and more motivation then the first.

One thing I've learned about myself is that I have a hard time jumping into things. I psych myself out with the idea that I need to plan every little detail out before actually following through with it. Though it is wise to have some sort of plan before diving in, those who never dive, never enjoy the water.

I have been trying to gain enough courage to take the dive. Dive into all of the things that I've mustered the ambition for. We may never be fully prepared for the challenges that lie ahead for us in our lives, but we will certainly be more prepared learning from our mistakes along the way, rather then never taking them in the first place~

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