Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Under a pile of veils

I've been engaged for a week now, and I am already feeling the wedding biting at my heels. By no means am I complaining, but the stress is sinking in. People asking dates, guest numbers, and budgets. I can hardly wrap my mind around the student loans I need to handle.

Intimate weddings have always appealed to me. It may be counterintuitive for a blogger, but I really don't like having people gawk at me. Especially on such a personal day. I'm flattered that so many people want to share in our celebration. I just hope they understand if they don't quite make the guest list.

My only plan this spring break was to do some spring cleaning. I ended up getting a lot more on me plate and cleaning got put on the backburner. I'm overjoyed to take on the challenge. I have a wonderful resource of creative friends, and I cannot express how lucky I am to take advantage of picking their minds.
Lazy, Hippie, hoodie, dust bunnies

Right now I have the dust bunnies from freshly dusted shelves to keep me company with the stacks of bridal magazines.~

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  1. I still cannot express how happy I am for you and Andy (Mirandy will be your celebrity couple name that all your followers will know you by). With that being said, keep your head up pumpkin, don't let the stresses of planning wear you down.