About Me

Hello there, my name is Miranda. I spend my hours caught in my own head, crafting to no end, and journeying through life with my better half. I'm an adventurous metalsmither who is constantly seeking out new inspirations. It's the little things; a hot cup of green tea warming my hands, the smell in the air as one season chases out the last, the cozy embrace of a knit sweater, recognizing a friends laugh from across a room, the impromptu songs Andy sings around the house, his snores I cannot sleep without, a well deserved glass of wine at the end of a hard day, these are the things are truly fill my life with joy. I love finding old treasures, getting lost on a long hike, pressing flowers in my sketchbook, and continuing to have something to work towards. I appreciate the varieties in life, the textures, the tears, the failures, the victories, the gaining of knowledge, and the unknown. There is passion in it all, and inspiration to be found. It is my hope to find beauty in every sight, every sound, every smell, and every taste.

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